Horse & Plow Winery

Recently, we made our first visit to Horse & Plow, a new winery right on the edge of Sebastopol in the Russian River AVA. This was a place I had noticed on one of our trips up north, but never had the opportunity to try out. We tend to visit the same places repeatedly; we made the decision on that particular day everywhere we went should be new to us.

Horse&PlowThe winery has a small tasting room and a large outdoor area, complete with big trees, a few picnic tables, and lovely chairs where you can sit back and enjoy the wine (and cider!). You will likely be greeted by the winery dog Pepita — she came met us at the parking lot and immediately started flirting with the DogBird…who was not really having it. Nevertheless, she escorted us into the tasting room then out to the chairs, and visited with us until DogBird hid under the chair. Silly guy!

We tried two flights — a flight of Horse and Plow’s “Gardener” series of wines and the Cider flight to mix things up. These cost 15$ and 12$ respectively; the tasting cost is waived with a two bottle purchase. With each wine and cider, our server brought the taste to us, along with an explanation of what we were tasting. Pours were generous — there was definitely enough to have a taste, swirl around, then taste the new nuances. The bottles are moderately priced, both for wine & cider.

The winery welcomes dogs & kids, and offers ample space for both to roam (under supervision, of course).

What to try:

LordBird’s Fave: Gardener Series Pinots
LadyBird’s Fave: Farmhouse Cider

Horse & Plow
1272 Gravenstein Hwy N
Sebastopol, CA 95472

Sicily Wines: Sippin’ Around Etna

(Originally published by Annie at HeadinKnots)

One of the main purposes of our trip was to discover the world of Sicilian wine — specifically around the Etna area. The morning after we arrived, we were excited to get going on our adventures…but Mother Nature had other plans.

The rain we had encountered upon our arrival had not left us yet — we had a slight reprieve on our first evening, but it came back with a roar our first morning. Luckily the scenery was worth staring at for a while.

After the torrential downpour in Taormina that confined us to our hotel, it was time to head out to the Sicilian countryside to sip some vino and watch the volcano. After a harrowing journey back down Taormina’s windy roads, we were soon en route!


Outside of our room — vines creeping over the wall

Unlike most places in the wine country here in northern California, most of the wineries in Sicily require reservations.

Unfortunately, thanks to the storms, we were running terribly behind. We decided to swing by one place, any way, in hopes that they still might entertain our visit.

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The WineBirds


Welcome to our new site: The WineBirds. We are excited to share our love of wine, and travel, with you.

Who are we?
We are Annie (LadyBird) and Jonathan (LordBird) — two lovebirds who spend quite a bit of our time visiting local wineries, flying off to international wineries, and overall just enjoying wine.

What will we be covering?
Wineries, of course…Wine events, great wine bars & shops, and other things that we think might benefit our readers.

When will there be updates?
We’ll update as often as we can — we’re hoping for at least once a week. Forgive us if we get lax…and let us know!

Where will we be focused?
Our focus will be largely in the northern California wine region — trying to bring you fun experiences, tips to tasting, what we like at various places along the way. Most of our holidays tend to focus around wine regions, so if we find something fun, we’ll share!

Why now?
We’ve been talking about this for a while, along with a few other projects, and we were so excited to share our most recent trip that we finally pressed enter on the “create a blog now” button.

How are we qualified?
We are deeply passionate about wines from around the world, and are often asked by friends to advise on wines, to set up an itinerary for them, and what we like — so we thought, “why not make it more formal?” We spend a considerable amount of time in the wine country of northern California, and finding new and interesting things both at home and while we’re traveling.