The WineBirds


Welcome to our new site: The WineBirds. We are excited to share our love of wine, and travel, with you.

Who are we?
We are Annie (LadyBird) and Jonathan (LordBird) — two lovebirds who spend quite a bit of our time visiting local wineries, flying off to international wineries, and overall just enjoying wine.

What will we be covering?
Wineries, of course…Wine events, great wine bars & shops, and other things that we think might benefit our readers.

When will there be updates?
We’ll update as often as we can — we’re hoping for at least once a week. Forgive us if we get lax…and let us know!

Where will we be focused?
Our focus will be largely in the northern California wine region — trying to bring you fun experiences, tips to tasting, what we like at various places along the way. Most of our holidays tend to focus around wine regions, so if we find something fun, we’ll share!

Why now?
We’ve been talking about this for a while, along with a few other projects, and we were so excited to share our most recent trip that we finally pressed enter on the “create a blog now” button.

How are we qualified?
We are deeply passionate about wines from around the world, and are often asked by friends to advise on wines, to set up an itinerary for them, and what we like — so we thought, “why not make it more formal?” We spend a considerable amount of time in the wine country of northern California, and finding new and interesting things both at home and while we’re traveling.

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